Make OOZING Magnetic Slime at Home

Make OOZING Magnetic Slime at Home

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Slime, magnets, and glue, what more do you need to have an afternoon of fun? While that list sounds more like the tool's MacGuyver would have at his disposal to disarm a bomb, you can actually make some pretty fun ferromagnetic slime with them. Youtuber DaveHax gives a step by step explanation of how to make the magnetic putty and have fun for the rest of the afternoon. Check it out!

All you need is Elmer's glue, water, borax, and some iron filings to make what is both a gross and really mesmerizing afternoon project. While you're digging through your drawer where you keep your bags of iron filings, be sure to check and see if you your detergent has borax in it as well. If you don't keep borax around the house, detergent often has the chemical, and you can substitute that for this project.

When you combine a non-newtonian fluid with ferromagnetic filings and introduce neodymium magnets, you get a substance that slowly inches towards the magnet's poles as if it were floating through thin air.

[Image Source: DaveHax]

There is one downside to this project if you decide to use iron filings, you can't keep the slime because the iron will oxidize and create rust. I mean you could keep the slime if you want, it's just going to turn into a really gross looking brown goop, which is generally not what you want to keep around the house. For some more fun and exciting projects, check out our Youtube channel and also make sure you check out IE TV here or on the homepage of the Interesting Engineering website.

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