How to Create a Grill from an Old Tire Rim

How to Create a Grill from an Old Tire Rim

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With the summer in full swing, it's time to start planning barbecues and outdoor parties to enjoy the grilling season. If you find yourself without a grill, or desperately in need of a new one, you can build your own from a spare tire rim. This tiny grill on wheels can be finished to look quite professional, and it makes for the perfect weekend project. You will need an old tire rim, of course, as well as some hardware you can see in the images below.

Ultimately, you can customize this project as you would like if you can't find the specific hardware. One of the most important things you will need to make this project is high-heat grill paint. This will give you a professional-grade finished look to the final product. The main grill structure is rather simple, as you can infer from the images, and everything is assembled with plumbing fittings and nuts and bolts.

The base is simply made out of cut 2x4s stuck together, then sanded and stained. You will want to make sure the grill base is heavy and sturdy in order to keep the center of gravity down so the grill doesn't tip.

To finish off the base, just screw in some caster wheels to the bottom to make the grill mobile. After putting on the circular grill in the wheel rim, the project is pretty much complete. If you choose, you can attach some bolts to hang your grilling utensils one to make it look even better.

And there you have it! A mobile grilling platform made from completely recycled materials that you can show off to your friends. Now it's time to get some charcoal and meat on the grill and invite everyone over for a party!


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