Create a DIY Bladeless Fan with a Water Jug for Cheap

Create a DIY Bladeless Fan with a Water Jug for Cheap

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You have probably seen the expensive and luxurious bladeless fans currently on the market. They advertise constant and steady air flow to keep you cool in a hot room. While they are certainly nice, they are also incredibly expensive being that they are just fans. However, one engineer found a way to create a bladeless fan with some cheap materials, and it works just as good as the expensive ones. Check it out below.

The main component of the DIY bladeless fan is a large water jug, which will work as the outward shell of the fan. While the fan that you create yourself probably won't be as pretty as what you can buy in the stores, the functionality is exactly the same. The advantage to bladeless fans is that the turbulence present in normal fans is eliminated, creating the feel of a constant breeze.

If you spend some time building the DIY fan, it could turn out much more impressive than the store bought fan, and all of your coworkers will be amazed that you built it yourself. Operating on the principle of air flow called the venturi effect, the air ring created by the fan creates a vacuum which draws more air through the fan.

This is probably one of the coolest and most useful DIY projects we have seen in a while. Anybody that loves tinkering around and building things probably has all of the parts necessary to create this fan, which is what makes it even more incredible. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a bladeless fan when you can create one yourself?

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