How to ship sneakers usps priority

How to ship sneakers usps priority

Simple guide to double boxing sneakers getting sent USPS priority. You need a box cutter, roll of tape, and rectangle pre printed USPS priority or medium flat box.

Find the seem and open by sliding your hand from one end to the other end. By using pre printed priority box, this will save you time and money.

Next, turn the box inside out where the "medium flat rate" is on the inside and wrap the box by folding along seems to line up one side to the crease and fold the rest over.

After wrapping the box with the priority box, you will need to tape it back together. It best to make it easy on yourself by having the box connected in the middle of the box.

Now to cut ! Using your box cutter, find the side that is not already cut and follow the corner of the box and make your slice straight out but away from your body for safety.

Flip the box around and do the other corner. Please note that each end will have one side already cut by the manufacturer , meaning if line up correctly this should be fairly easy.

After cutting, each end should be able to fold in with small flaps first. You can even peel off the wax paper to use natural adhesive alon with your own tape.

This is what it looks like when the two side flaps are folded in and top an bottom folded down. You can also see the natural adhesive helpin to hold it down.

Clean up the tape job by taping all areas that are open or are near sealed areas, this helps to ensure no water, dust, or any leakage can seep in. Now you're ready to ship!!

We hope this has helped you save time and money by utilizing the free materials provided by USPS. Please note that this may not work for large boxes, and mainly for sneakers !

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