How to make a cd curtain

How to make a cd curtain

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Draw a 12 cm circle with your compasses.

To do this you should take a ruler and set the radius of your compasses at 6 cm.

Now draw the circle.

Draw a straight line through the centre of your circle.

On this line through the centre measure 0,5cm, 1cm, 11cm and 11,5cm.

Cut out your template.

Put CD on a photo and draw around it.

Cut out the picture.

Put glue on the printed side of the CD to stick on the photo.

Stick on photo.

Have your teacher put on protective glasses.

Have your teacher drill holes. Bring your template!

Put a paperclip through a hole in the CD.

Put the paperclip through a hole in another CD.

Ta da!!!!!!!

Repeat the last 4 steps until your chain is long enough.

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