How to make the best bacon

How to make the best bacon

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Best food ever.

I always cut it in half. It makes it easier to cook and to store.

The real trick is a really low heat. The lower the heat the longer it will take but the more delicious it will be!

Steak spice makes a great flavor and a crunch.

I love herbs. This is some basic herbs, I can't remember the name at the moment.

Let it cook

This is how I store my bacon.

Now that it's cooked for a while, and partially shrunk, I flip them. You don't want to flip bacon too often, just let it cook. I only ever flip it twice. Ps don't season again, one side is enough.

While the bacon was cooking I made some eggs.

Flip again. A lot of the spices will have fallen off, but that's okay. It absorbed the taste. We're almost done!

Lay out some paper towel. No reason to eat all that grease.

Use more paper towel to dab more grease out.

Here's what I do with the bacon, in case you were curious. Healthy rye bread, cheese, and some crazy egg/Greek yogurt/chia seed omelette.



Finished breakfast sandwich! But the bacon is great on its own too.

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