How to make your own hair accessory!

How to make your own hair accessory!

Here are the materials you need.

Cut a strip around 20 cm long. Actually depends on you, if you want the ribbon to be bigger then cut a longer one.

Then use the glue gun to glue the strip in this way: fold the two ends into the middle part of the strip.

Glue a little bit in the middle. Before it drys, try to fold it inward like this, to create the shape of ribbon.

Then, cut a short strip which is long enough to wrap the middle of the ribbon. ( mine is too long, so i cut it a little shorter, you can just cut the excess out after you glued)

Before the glue drys, quickly insert the clip in the middle. You have to be quick in this step, it will be hard to insert it after the glue drys..

You are done!!:) how easy! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Finally, put it on your hair! :) Cute?!

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