How to propagate an orange tree by air layering

How to propagate an orange tree by air layering

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Choose some new growth that you want to make into a tree.

Remove any leaves at the base of the new growth.

Use a blade to score two cuts horizontally around the stem about an inch apart. Then remove the top layer of green (or bark if the branch is older) in between the two cuts.

Like this.

Mist with some water.

Brush on some rooting hormone.

Wrap the Saran Wrap around the stem below the bottom cut and secure with a zip tie.

Add some moist peat moss.

Secure the soil ball above the top cut with a zip tie.

Wrap the ball of soon to be roots with foil.

And wait 6-8 weeks. The peat moss should stay moist as long as the weather isn't too hot or dry. You can check to see if it needs more water every few weeks.

You can check for roots before you cut the branch below the base of the soil ball, but I didn't. Haha.

Luckily there were roots!!

Unwrap the soil ball.

Plant the rooted cutting in a pot. Water and place in the shade until the pot fills with roots.

This rooted cutting was larger and needed to be staked for support. Enjoy your new tree!

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