How to make charlie's dumplings

How to make charlie's dumplings

Preparing the main ingredients This the standard amount I estimated as some people would want to know the measurement of the dish 500g of mince pork 100g of prawns 150g shiitake mushroom 2/3 Pak choi

I use pre chopped shiitake mushroom because I am lazy haahaa but because they are dried so I pour some hot boiling water to soften them :)

A zoom it for the chopped Pak choi

These are the ingredients for mixing the meat later Recommend measurement: 1sp - salt and sugar and pepper 1 1/2 sp soy sauce and corn flour 2 so or sesame oil

Everything (prawns,Pak choi and shiitake) have to chopped into small small bits

You can use knife or scissors to put them into small bits (I prefer scissors!) :)

Putting them together in a mixing bowl!

And now for the shiitake mushroom! They are soft now :)

Cut! Cut! Cut!

Into small small bits!!!!

Putting them all together!

Now add the flavor!!



Soy sauce

Sesame oil


Corn flour! You can add an egg white to smoothen the meat but that is optional and I didn't add it this time :)

Start to mixed them together !

It's all good !! Ready to be wrap!

Setting up the table to wrap:)

You will need water!

Put small bits in the pastry

Dip a bit of water

Water the pastry

Just the half of the pastry

And just fold them in half! That's it!

Look you can just finish the dumplings like this but if you want to create a different style I have another suggestion....

Water one corner


Fold the dumpling again

Stick the corner together

Ta-ta! Done!

Or you can go for this style too!

Making in process :)

All done! Now it's time to cook them!

You can cook with noodles

Or just cook then with the leftover vegetable you have !

Just simply put them into boiling water for 5-10mins :)

But I love to add some flavoring like salt and chicken stock with spice in the water to turn into a dumpling soup! :)

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