How to create your own glider

How to create your own glider

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1.) Grab all of your materials, (not all shown in this picture) and lay them out in front of you.

2.) Grab your four skewers, and sticky tape both ends altogether. Make sure that all the skewers are evenly spread out, and not all clumped together in a bundle.

3.) Then cut out two of each cardboard pieces shown in this picture, to play the part as the glider's wings. (Note, the more even you cut the pieces, the more effective it will look.

4.) Get out the paint colour you've picked, this could be spray paint or normal paint. Spray paint is preferably better, as it dries quicker, cleaner and it looks a lot more effective.

5.) Paint all of your cardboard pieces, and wait for them to dry. Make sure you stand a safe distance away if you are spray painting, as the fumes in the spray paint can be extremely toxic to consume.

6.) Assemble all your pieces together with the PVA glue and sticky tape. If you have access to a hot glue gun, try and use that. The hot glue gun will hold the pieces together quicker and better.

7.) If you would like to add a flag or extra bit of decoration for the glider's name (and yours if needed) then get out a pieces of coloured paper, or a sticky note. Once finished writing, glue it on.

8.) Once everything is glued together securely, test your glider out. Stand at a high enough distance, and drop your glider horizontally. Good luck!

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