How to make a naked egg

How to make a naked egg

I saw this on a blog who saw this on another blog and its totally awesome. I think I had more fun than my 3 yr old! Basically you're removing the shell & the membrane holds the egg in tact, while raw

For the sake of typing go to website on next pg for scientific backing of how this works, how to use osmosis examples w/ your child, etc. the video helps explain a lot if you don't want to read it all You can also google 'naked egg' and its the site called imagination station

(Make picture bigger to read) highlighted portion explains how shell dissolves. It is taken from imagination station website (the site I just gave you)

You need just a few items which you probably have at home.. Vinegar (I used plain ole distilled white bc it's what I had. Don't know if it makes a difference)...

An egg (or eggs) must be raw!...

A glass or cup to put it in. I chose a clear one so we could watch the egg fizzle.

And last but not least... A whole lot of patience. (Egg has to sit for at least 12 hrs)

Place your egg in the glass and fill up with vinegar until egg is fully covered.

You can see the egg starting to bubble right away.

Make sure no one bothers it! I had to start over because 4 hrs in I was so anxious and wanted to play with it :)

This is about 4 hrs in. You have to wait at least 12 hrs. I put mine in around 6pm and let it sit over night until 930 am

I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like after 12 hrs. It looked basically like the 4 hr picture but with much more foam. the egg was still white but it was not hard. Handle with care.

In the morning, dump out old vinegar & add new vinegar. I let mine sit for about 15 20 min & then was able to carefully scratch remaining shell off. You'll know what I mean when you get to this point

... But DON'T try this step (scratching off remaining shell) prematurely. Wait the whole 12-15 hrs or else you'll break the egg! I know from personal experience

My daughter & I had so much fun doing this! It's easy & we already had the supplies needed.The egg although sitting out for days has not started to smell or anything so don't worry. Don't eat the egg.

Watch the video: EGG vs vinegar. EASY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS THATLL SURPRISE YOU (October 2021).