How to cook breaded chicken

How to cook breaded chicken

Get your chicken breast and cut in two or three slices depending on thickness of your piece of breast

I was able to get 3 pieces out of mine. When all your pieces are cut, go to the next step

Put one of the cut pieces in your ziplock bag, and seal it. You can always do it on a cutting board if you like. I just think the clean up is less if I do it this way.

Get your tool, I prefer to use the rolling pin

Start pounding on the meat to make even thinner. Or you can always leave as is. I like mine even thinner, they cook a lot faster.

Good way to take some stress out.

Should look like this. Put in a plate and continue with the rest. When you are done

Grab 2 eggs , & put in a big bowl

Beat the eggs, I like to add a little water about 1 tablespoon but you don't have to if you don't want to

Get another bowl and add your flour, (I used all purpose flour) salt to taste, black pepper, and garlic powder. U can season it any way u like sometimes I add a little paprika and cayenne pepper.mix

In another bowl add bread crumbs ( I used plain bread crumbs this time , but you can use season ones as well)

I like to put aluminum foil on a cookie sheet to put my breaded chicken in while i bread the rest ones. but you can use whatever you like

Grab a piece of your thinned breast and put in flour mixture, coat on both sides

Put in egg mixture

Then onto your bread crumbs

Put aside and continue with the rest

I made about 9 pieces, but you can make more or less depending how many you have to feed.

On a hot pan add about 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon of butter. Or you can use one or the other, I like the flavor of the two mixed.

Let butter melt

Add your pieces of meat. Depends on the thickness of your breast cook your chicken. Mine took about 3 mins on the 1st side. Turn over

I cooked the other side about 2 minutes.

Put on a paper towel to drain excess oil/butter. Cook the rest and its ready to enjoy. I like to put mine in the oven to keep warm in 170 F oven while I cook the rest. Enjoy with pasta on the side.

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