How to make salsa borracha (drunk salsa)

How to make salsa borracha (drunk salsa)

Cut the tomatoes in half and take de onion apart and roast them with the jalapeño pepper (they have to be black on the outside)

Like this If you want it more spicy just add more jalapeño peppers

Put the ingredients in the blender and add the garlic (if you want to roast the garlic it will give it a better taste)

Add the beer and blend, any kind of beer is fine i used Modelo Negra because i like that taste (make it chunky)

Add the oil to the pot and let it warm up for a few seconds in hi heat

Add the salsa, and stir

Add the chicken bouillon (you can substitute with salt, but i like it better with this)

Let it boil for about 5 min or until you have the consistency that you want, remember that it needs to boil so de alcohol of the beer can evaporate

Take it off the fire and add the cilantro and mix it together

Serve with chips and you will have the best tasting salsa ever

You can serve it hot or cold

Watch the video: How to prepare Salsa Borracha (January 2022).