How to create an amazing butterfly 

How to create an amazing butterfly 

One tooth pick , cuter , glue and any colour paper 3 strips

This is size i cut my papers 

We need that size 3 strips

Stick this paper strips like this

Like look! 3 strips do like this

And ,start roll like

Keep going to like this to other conner

Here is. Apply some glue to last 

Do like I do

Push like this

We can see this that Cricle

Every around add some glue to hold

We can get lovely art 

We need same size fly 2

Next step : we need same colour strips 2 and another colour strips half 2 ....not get *1st length to this . 15cm length like get

Do 

2 Triangle different size and different colour

Stick like this

And roll slowly and last apply glue to hold

Ok! Finally we make all of item for make amazing butterfly 

All pice collect and glue

Get some black strip like V

Roll and cut of middle

It stick to here. Now finish such amazing paper quilling butterfly on my way ! Thank you looking my guide and don't forget like.... If you have prob here ask me in message ! Bye ...

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