How to promote your music

How to promote your music

First I would say make a FB page for you or your band. (I used the band I just joined page and you should check us out)

Next make a YouTube page for yourself/band. Good sound is important but not the end of the world, just get it out there. Smartphones in the right condition are great.(my bands page here, check it out)

Make a web page! ( this is ours , check it out!)

Make a MySpace page, I know what your thinking," gee Bryan that seems outdated!". And it is, but the more places there are to be seen the better. (This is one of my projects, check it out)

Put your music on as many social apps as possible. This is Videofyme , You can find many apps that have large communities. (Bryan John Maher is mine on Videofyme, check it out!)

Make and distribute as many demos as you can! ( This is my band Unanimous, check us out on FB, and like plse)

Make merchandise!! Stickers ( ours has QR code on it) t-shirts, sky is the limit here, put your band on everything!!

Get creative, this is a Sharpie pad @ Walgreens!

This step is perhaps one of the most important,Talk about your band incessantly (here I am telling you about Unanimous). Tell anyone who will listen and network with other ppl in music/ur genre!

Lastly and most importantly: Live, Breathe, Love your art and never stop improving and striving for your DREAMS!!! Hope this helped.

Watch the video: How To Promote Your Music. Stop Marketing Now! (January 2022).