How to make salted butter fudge

How to make salted butter fudge

Grab your ingredients

First scale your butter

Then your sea salt

Then your cream

Put all this on the stove and bring to the boil then turn off

Next in another pan scale your sugar

And glucose

Melting nicely

Add some water

And place on your stove until your sugar reaches 145c

Line a tray or whatever you have with grease proof paper

When the sugar reaches 145c pour the cream mix into it and whisk

This is shit hot so please be super extra careful every step of the way

Then bring this mix up to 121c, whisk and pour into your tray

Whisk whisk whisk

And pour

Let cool until it sets 4-5 hours or place in the fridge to hurry it along

Next lift out and portion

You should also wrap them individually in grease proof paper so they don't stick together!

Place into a bowl and try not to eat them all!

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