How to make a diy fancy pencil holder

How to make a diy fancy pencil holder

Gather your supplies. You can use ribbon, wrapping paper, patterned duck tape, embellishments, etc. You can use any decorating materials like that.

If you are using wrapping paper, roll the paper all around the can, beginning to end. (If you aren't, skip to step 8)

Make a mark.

Now measure the height of the can. Place it on the paper like this,

And make a mark.

Now carefully cut it out.

You could glue it to make it look pretty but, really, no one is going to see the back.

I cut a strip of lace trim, placed it how I wanted, and tightly tied it. *Sorry for the blur*

For the final touch, I crumbled up a piece of red ribbon and glued in the middle of the knot.

Glue some magnets to the back and place it on your locker! (If you don't have magnets or can't buy them, just sit it in your locker.) And there you have it! A cute holder to place your pencils in!

Here is my sister's holder. We couldn't find a tin can for her so she used a jar instead.

Remember guys: Just be creative! Make your holder unique and something you're proud to show off ;D I hope this gave you some ideas when decorating your own.

If you do this DIY, post a photo on Instagram: @livelifefree123 #diyfancypencilholder

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