How to make an origami lotus

How to make an origami lotus

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Place your origami paper on a flat surface

Place the paper over so the pattern is face down on the table

Fold the paper diagonally and crease well


Fold diagonally the other way

Unfold again. Your paper should look like this.

Fold the corner towards the centre

Do this for all 4 corners

Fold the corners into the centre again

Now you have folded the corners into the centre twice for each corner

Fold the corners into the centre for a third time

Turn the paper over

Fold the corners into the centre on this side

Next fold the corners in slightly and as equally as possible

Pinch the slightly folded corner down and pull the underside up so it's almost inside put. This is difficult to explain and do but the photos might help...

Do this for all four corners. These are your petals

Do this again to make 4 more petals if the paper rips a little don't stress

Turn the page over and fold the bottom four triangles out to make leaves

Done :)

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