How to clean your bathroom exhaust fan

How to clean your bathroom exhaust fan

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"Nice" before shot. Our fan is pretty bad.

Locate your circuit breaker.

Master Bathroom

Guest Bathroom

Grab you a height extending apparatus.

And a vacuum. I have a handy dandy wet dry vacuum with a nice extension.

Now vacuum the grill.

Bit better. Looks like part of our grill is broken. :(

Get some canned air.

Turn the fan on and spray away. Careful of it liquidizing.

And once again a bit better. Previous steps are great for quick regular maintenance.

Get a taller ladder if necessary.

Woo a screwdriver and flashlight! My fan is on the same circuit as the light so I'll be leaving the power on.

So I chicken'd out at this part when I took a peek because it was so disgusting. Then the fan in the other bathroom broke down & the handyman pulled it out & he was like "easy peasy you can do this".

Time to remove the grill!

Woo great paint job someone did.

And ewww.

Find the power cord.

Unplug it!

Find the bolts holding it in and remove them. Going to need some arm strength for the juggling about that is going to commence.

Tada! One fan removed and ready for cleaning.

Oh looky here at this mess.

So I don't destroy my vacuum, I secured it with a bungee to the ladder.

My little vac has some oomph to it which was eating the noise canceling padding so I added the smallest attachment and a brush to make it gentler.

This is what my fan looks like after its been vacuumed.

Woo another shot! So much better.

Sadly this is probably as good as this is getting without replacing the padding. Still better though.

Put the fan back in and don't forget to plug it back in! Test that it works, then put the grill back on and you're golden until the next cleaning.

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