How to make lemon essence or lemon vodka

How to make lemon essence or lemon vodka

Zest all your lemons.

You want only the yellow layer of the lemon skin. Good example lemon on right - has not cut into the white, bad example on the left - too much white has been taken.

See the difference in the peels. The white is bitter, whereas the yellow outermost layer has quite a pleasant taste and has the lovely lemony oil that will give the flavour, the left peel is ideal.

Get out your vodka... My bottle's not quite full ^_^ but really quantities are up to you!

Give a little shake, and the vodka too, the oils are already infusing here literally less than a minute after i put in the zest, and the colour is brighter than the picture!

I'm trying to capture the beautiful lemon yellow colour of the liquid. Sit in a dry, dark place 2-3 weeks, stirring it up once every so often.

Ok, lets just say we didn't wait the full 3 weeks... 2 days... but its plenty lemony! Try: lemon vodka and tonic water with a splash of ruby red grapefruit juice over crushed ice Y(^_^)Y

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