How to do a simple bronze eye makeup look :)

How to do a simple bronze eye makeup look :)

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Apply any eyeshadow primer or base :) I'm using Urban Decay!

Apply a bronze cream eyeshadow to the lid and slightly blend in. I'm using Hard Candy's Shadowholic in the shade Camel Back.

Add a champagne highlight to the inner corner and brow bone. I'm using Skimp by Urban Decay.

Apply any light brown or bronze to your eyelid on top of the cream shadow applied before. Product used: Wreckage by Urban Decay.

Now apply any dark brown shade into your crease and blend. Apply more if you want it more intense! Product: Twice Baked by Urban Decay

All done with eyeshadow! I'm going to do my eyeliner and mascara now. Almost done with the look!

Put some black pencil eyeliner on your waterline! I'm using Urban Decay's amazing 24/7 Glide On eye pencil in Perversion.

Now I'm going to add on some liquid eyeliner! Let me know if you want a guide on how to do it like mine. :)

Just a simple line with a wing. I always do the cat eye look! I used Milani's Ultrafine liquid eyeliner in the shade Black Vinyl.

Apply two coats of any mascara you prefer. I use Nyx Doll Eye. It's a great black waterproof mascara. :)

The eye makeup will look something like this!

All done!

Finish off with anything else you want to add! For me I just used some pink lipstick. Thanks for viewing! Enjoy your makeup look. :)

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