How to create a fun boat race for kids!

How to create a fun boat race for kids!

Cut a rectangle of paper (~ 2"x8"). Put paper in ziplock, fold over & tape (to make sail water tight). Poke a pen through sail. Tape pen & Chapstick to Tupperware boat (Chapstick= counterweight).

Here are our two boats.

Feel free to add balls of paper for "cannon balls". :)

Grab two bendy straws

And two 8x10 baking dishes. Fill both baking dishes about halfway with water. Note: you can grab capped-off rain gutters or use the bath tub if your kids are older.

Set baking dishes full of water on floor. If inside, put a towel down first. Place boats in the water. Use bendy straw to blow into sails!

On your marks, get set, GO! Whoever makes it across the pan first wins!

Watch the video: Air experiment for kids. Air is everywhere and can push things (December 2021).