How to make an iphone cake

How to make an iphone cake

Make the apps. Do this the previous day. It took me ages. But then again, this is my second attempt at working with fondant. I coloured white fondant and also used royal icing.

Bake your cake. This is a black velvet cake in a 9x13 inch pan. Recipe by Amanda from I've used cocktail sticks to hold the template in place and then cut out the shape of the phone.

I drew this template by measuring the dimensions of my phone. Scanned it and took enlarged copies.

I then cut the cake in half.

I used Swiss meringue chocolate buttercream to sandwich the two layers and frost the cake. Tip: using strips of parchment paper helps keep the base tidy. After frosting, just remove the paper.

Like this.

Feed the scraps to your toddler if you have one. :)

Cover the cooled cake in black fondant. Yes it is black. The icing sugar and the lighting makes it look grey.

Add the rest of the details in fondant using your template to cut out the pieces by size. Tip: At the end, steam the cake to get rid of any icing sugar and to get a glossy finish.

I used my steam iron. Put it on low steam setting and press the steam button whilst holding the iron a few inches away from the cake.

The date is the birthdate and the temperature is the age. P.S. Excuse the mess.

Some of the work is a bit wonky because I was running out of time (&patience). I had to get it done before my husband got back from work. The aforementioned toddler wasn't making things easier either.

Watch the video: How to make an Easy iPhone Cake (December 2021).