How to make amazing pancakes

How to make amazing pancakes

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Gather the supplies

First, sift the flour into a large bowl

Then combine all additional dry ingredients and sift

Add the milk

We prefer to use a mix of half and half and regular milk, but use whichever you prefer :)

Then, add the vanilla, egg, and butter

Ready to whisk!

We usually add a little extra half and half to our mix because we prefer the batter to be thinner, but this step is optional.

Now let the mix sit for a few minutes. During this time we usually clean up!

Get the griddle hot by putting it on the stove on high *we have an electric stove. Gas stove temps may differ!*

After the griddle is heated up, lightly grease it with butter

Lower the heat to medium Now make the pancakes!

Flip when ready, they will bubble when they want to be flipped. (we like ours a little darker)

Eat & enjoy!

The best. Add fruit, chocolate chips, whipped cream, jam, syrup, butter, really whatever you love. Our compliments to whomever posted the recipe to google.

P.S. - Any extra batter refrigerates well!

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