How to make an origami magic star

How to make an origami magic star

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You'll need 8 square pieces of paper for this project, I'm using little glossy origami squares that I got from the News Agency for about $2.50 [Go to next slide]

I used 12.5cm, 5 inches by the same amount, and the finished star, when its in its spiky form was 18cm, 7 1/5 inches, by the same amount. When it's in it's smooth edge form its 15.5 cm, 6 1/5 inches

Gather your paper

Take one square

Turn it so its white side up and fold in half


Fold up one corner and line it up as shown

Do the same on the other half

Fold in half

Fold the top down as shown


This is a collapse AKA squash fold you are reversing the creases

Crease on the new creases

One unit complete, now make 8 more



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