How to cook tomato soup

How to cook tomato soup

Prepare any ingredient you can.. Peel and chop onion, prepare chillis and garlic at quantity for your taste. Remember garlic can be salty when blended(as you can see I don't usually add much salt)

Pick some basil, do not use dried as it will taste awful if freezing portions and does not impart that lovely fresh flavour.

Fresh tomatoes, cut side down, season with pepper(use white as black can give undesirable taste), salt(preferable rock/kosher salt), and drizzle with balsamic prior to roast. Rough halves 25 mins 180c

On last, keep juices for soup from roast toms, balsamic gives fantastic depth to this and colours the fruit. Trust your taste/eyes with all quantities/ methods, think what is happening in the pan!

Heat frying pan and add splash of good quality olive oil, it will go into the soup so don't use rubbish.

Put roasted tomatoes(and lovely juice), peeled tinned tomatoes, dash of paprika and stock into pot, heat on low heat whilst prepping hot ingredients. Monitor and stir with wooden spoon.

Get your mixer, bowl and sieve ready for action, If you like "rough farmhouse" style(and dietary fibre!) just get out the blender.

Again use low heat so even novices won't ruin it, stir occasionally, watch the bottom of the pan sticking, gently push/prod the fruit bodies apart and watch for steaming off.

Meanwhile.....Onions first, lightly brown them. Then add garlic(and chilli), don't burn either.... If you get over zealous and add garlic too soon put them on the onions to diffuse the heat.

Mix em. If you have burnt your garlic or onions at this point take toms off heat and start again with the pan.

Simmer for a few mins low heat, taste and then add stock if you want a bit more volume. This is all the portions we are getting guys If you are serving to a number of people consider this.

Season to taste again. Be wary of salt until garlic is blended

Optional--- for kick add proper hot sauce to taste, don't bung in lots of substandard weaker sauces as they contain additives.

Basil in, purists argue basil can colour the end product giving a green tinge when blended.... Personally I think thats balloxs it's still a beautiful red even with the quantity I use.

Use lid if soup reducing down too much although if you want a sauce just let the flavours concentrate and the water steam off and when thick enough remove from heat.

Good job, if you develop a froth on the top it's a harmless byproduct of "hard" water used for the stock or from the months of slavishly watering your greenhouse now demonstrated from your tomato pulp

Blend, if you aren't used to blender allow to cool a bit so you don't get skitted. If using blender and heat on avoid holding on bottom of pan with plastic end as it will melt.

Sieve, really push it through all that should be left is seeds and thick cellulose strands from the toms. Use a clean spoon to scrape bottom of sieve to avoid seeds falling in to soup. Push that pulp.

Ps..... Don't wear whites when cooking this dish.

Lovely. Remember, taste and watch what you are cooking. I can't give a recipe for "your" perfect soup! Eg blend single cream in when cooling for rich "cream of tomato" or more chilli for spice.

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