How to caramelize onions

How to caramelize onions

Take your onion and thinly slice them and then slice them again into half moons.

I was cooking cheese steak so instead of me using EVOO, I will be using the juices from the steak.

Your onions should look like this

If you don't already have juice to use as a substitute for your EVOO, now is the time to drizzle a little EVOO and melt your butter. Your should cook on medium to low heat.

Now divide your onions and place them into your pan. Ads more butter if needed so the onions would stick to bottom of pan. Occasionally stir.

When your onions begin to get soft and turn brownish add a sprinkle of salt and sugar. Stir

Occasionally stir and this should be your finished product.

Now add to any dish. Me, I added my onions to my sirloin steak for my steak and cheese


Watch the video: How to Caramelize Onions Like a Pro. Food Network (January 2022).