How to make an origami ferris wheel

How to make an origami ferris wheel

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Take your paper,

Start white side up

Fold in half

Unfold and fold in half the opposite way

Unfold (sorry I already did the next step without realising...)

Fold both sides into the middle

Fold the bottom half up to the middle

And the top

Take your next piece

And turn to the white side, then fold in half

Unfold and do the same but fold in the opposite direction


Take your scissors

Cut the half way line

Fold in half

Fold the right-most edge to the middle crease

Fold up the corners

Fold the same corner again

Fold in half

Fold the bottom up


Fold in half length wise

Cut a little bit

Cut down diagonally



Fold up on that crease you made before

Grab a split pin

Poke it through the top of the stand

And through the main piece

Open up the pin

Take a glue stick

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