How to make your space look tidy

How to make your space look tidy

A stainless steel mesh magnetic organizer i have at the side of my refrigerator. I store my sugar satchels in it, comes in very handy every time you make your coffee

A stainless steel magnetic bar not only makes space for your tools but also is a sure way to keep sharp things out of your kid's reach. This is a miu france magnetic bar 15 inches available @ amazon.

Easily removable yet a strong hold these hooks are a must for knick knacks. Use it in your kitchen right by the oven for mitts.

An over the door organizer i use to store lids from all the containers.

Again try to get items in your house that take minimal or no space. This spice organizer mounts easily under your kitchen cabinet and hence takes no counter space, also very convenient while cooking.

A cake tray that can be used as a fruit tray.

I live in NYC where you don't get a separate pantry with your kitchen. So, i chose the closest closet and changed it to a pantry by putting up steel shelves from home depot . $11.99 for each shelf.

A shoe organizer can be used as an over the door organizer for your medicines or any sort of thing you want to keep handy.

A $1 ikea trash bag organizer i use to keep gift wraps.

Little baskets can be used inside the drawers to keep your cosmetic items. These were just $2.99 for four.

Stop cramming up your space with a big tv console. Try something new, save space , and not to mention childproof by putting up a wall mount tv console.

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