How to make a protein (breakfast) smoothie

How to make a protein (breakfast) smoothie

Fill half of your cup with kale, and half with spinach, or however much you prefer.

Add a fair amount of milk, enough to help the greens blend up well.

Blend the milk and greens until the pieces of kale and spinach are barely noticeable.

Grab the frozen fruit you chose. I added mango, peach, strawberry and raspberries. Don't add all at once.

You will need to continue adding milk because the mixture will get quite thick.

Blend blend blend.

More fruit. (Don't forget the banana !)

More milk.

Add the protein powder (half of a scoop or one full scoop depending on how big your scoop is, or how much you like) and flax at the end. (You may need more milk again).


Looks yucky, but tastes good.

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