How to make pasta alà first, last and security

How to make pasta alà first, last and security

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Smash garlic so the skin peels off easily

I chop one finely, break one up, and leave one whole, smashed clove

Preheat oil in pan on medium heat

Lightly brown garlic in oil

Slice salami in rings (and notice that your husband must have eaten most of it in the middle of the night)

Then cube; I cut mine fairly small as there was not much

Toss in salami to brown slightly (you don't want to cook it - I might do this after cooking down the red pepper a bit)

Remember you're using fresh bell pepper and slice madly as you wonder why you didn't roast them first or cook then before the salami

After removing interior/seeds, slice into strips then in half (go as small as you'd like)

Toss in pan - do this before the salami and cook down with some white wine at high heat if you happen to have any in your pantry (you want them to wilt)

Discover roasted red peppers and wonder why you didn't save yourself the trouble

Slice olives into rings

Add olives to mix

Slice tomatoes

Then dice

Add tomatoes to pan and let them cook down (again, with white wine if you have)

Open Parmesan to discover that your husband also got into this in the middle of the night!

Add the crushed red pepper that you had left out for your husband's sake even though -you- love spicy!

Add a bit of tomato paste just to make te sauce more "saucy"

Add a bit of water from the boiling pasta (it contains starch which will both make your sauce more wet and thick) and cook down

When water boils, add pasta and cook until al dente

Drain pasta in the designer colander you purchased today because it shouldn't only be your husband who's allowed to spend too much money on inane objects

Add drained pasta to sauce on low heat and toss (add olive oil as necessary) until everything is well incorporated

Buon appetito!

Leftovers so your hardworking husband has something to eat when he gets home ;-*

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