How to make a juicy steak

How to make a juicy steak

Rinse your steaks thoroughly. Today I used thin sliced beef chuck, as I didn't want a heavy meal. This technique works for all cuts of steaks. It keeps the meat moist & cooks the seasons into it.

CUT THE FAT OFF!! There is nothing fantastic about an amazing steak with icky fat on the sides. It's not healthy for you & you want them to clean the plate. Clean up your meat

Season both sides with all spices (except bullion) before cooking.

In your 10-in pan, melt down your butter and pour in 1/2 cup of water. Add your bullion and chopped garlic. Mix thoroughly. Allow your meat to cook to your likeness. Note: raw meat can be harmful

Allow both sides to cook. This technique allows you to have juicy meat without compromising your healthAdding water to your dishes not only makes it juicy, but can help to dilute over-seasoned foods

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Enjoy your steak!

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