How to crack crab the right way

How to crack crab the right way

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For a basic Maryland crab. (Which needs to be larger than a soda can from point to point, in order for it to be within legal limits) FIRST: rip off the legs of the crab (yes...claws as well) do this

By grabbing the base of the legs and claws and then simply pull them off from the body. Now set the legs aside...take the body of your crab and flip him upside down. You should now see this arrow

Shape, thingy. (I've grown up with my parents calling it "the key)" SECOND: take a fork. Or butter knife. And simply pry open the key by putting leverage under the shaped arrow tip. You now have

Opened your crab! There will be this yellow substance or greenish yellow that you will see. Otherwise known as Mustard :) it's delicious! NEXT: you need to scrape off his lungs from his body. You

Will see this feather shaped white organs. Those...are his lungs. Scrape them out. I don't eat them. I'm not saying you shouldn't but I don't recommend it. Now you need to take your fork or fingers :)

And just dig through that thin opaque layer of white shell. You should get some delicious crab meat out of it. NEXT: remember those legs you set aside??

Grab them and break them at the joints. Gently pull the very thin opaque bones from out if the shell. (By doing that you are separating the bone from the meat). Meat should be in shell still.

Now hammer at the legs to break the shell. The claws are the best! The part of the claw that moves up and down. (The pincer part with the movable joint). GRAB IT and pull gently down until it pops.

Then gently pull out. Again, the thin white opaque bone should come out. Then hammer away at the claw and you should get fat chunks of meat that you can dip in butter or my favorite. Vinegar & Old Bay


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