How to serve a delicious tasty snack full of protien

How to serve a delicious tasty snack full of protien

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You will need tomato mainly , lettuce , labaneh ( strained yogurt ) ,toast , olive oil , and olives .

When you're on the go and you need something to fill up your stomach a little , then this is your solution

First you need to cut the tomato into slices . ( taking a shape of circles ) .

You can cut as much as you like .

Now you need to cut the lettuce .. Into a leaf shape .

You can simply use a knife to cut it off this way .

Use a tablespoon to put labneh (strained yogurt ) all over the tomato slices ..

It should look like this by now ..

Carefully now place the little lettuce in the middle of the tomato .

Like this .

Then, place the olives in the end of the lettuce .

Be careful .

Cut the toast into very small cubes .

As small as possible to fit.

Then place them behind the lettuce .

This way

Now get the olive oil and drop 2 drops on the piece of toast

Tdaaaa! Your snack is ready to serve .. Hope you like it.

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