How to personalize an envelope

How to personalize an envelope

First you'll need a boring old envelope... Like this!

Now get your crafting paper. Use any kind that you want, and as much as you want. These are what I'm using.

Now you will want to take your envelope and put it on what will be your base sheet of scrapbook paper. On the bottom side of the paper, trace the envelope. You will be cutting this out.

Like this! Now you will want to cut it out.

I'm using a nifty little cutting board, but if you don't have one then go ahead and just use scissors and cut along the lines.

Now go ahead and glue your base sheet on. I'm using an extra strength glue stick because it will dry faster and be less lumpy than regular glue.

Make sure you get plenty of glue on there, and focus on getting it on the edges good so it won't pull up once it's dry. Now, for more paper!

The next steps are really up to you and how you want to customize your envelope. This is just what I did and maybe you can gather some ideas from it!

Okay, so now after all the paper is glued on it's time to embellish!

I used this little shape cutter to get 6 hearts to put along the trim of the scrapbook paper.

I added a few fun little things :)

To make it even more personal, you can add the name of the person receiving the envelope! If you plan on mailing it perhaps replace the name with the address :)

To add a more defined look around the edges, run a black stamp pad around every edge. Go over them as many times as you want to get a darker or more smudged look.

Finished!! Now I have a personalized envelope that is way more pleasing than a boring old plain one. Hope you got some good ideas!

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