How to make a perfect espresso martini

How to make a perfect espresso martini

When making any drink served straight up (without ice) always chill your glass straight away.

Choose a top quality vodka and add 25ml (1oz) to a cocktail shaker. The better quality the spirit, the better your martini will be..

Next take a coffee liqueur and add 25 ml (1oz). Here I've chosen Patron because I like the strength it has over other liqueurs.

Next add 40ml (usually a standard double shot) of fresh espresso and if you like a small dash of sugar syrup.

Fill your shaker to the top with ice and shake vigorously, getting as much air into the drink as possible. This will give it a thick ice creamy taste and layered appearance.

Double strain your martini into the glass you chilled earlier.

Providing you've shaken your martini hard enough you'll need to leave it to settle for a few seconds and form a thick head as mentioned before, almost like a pint if Guinness.

Once it has settled garnish with three slightly off centre coffee beans and it's ready to drink!

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