How to make turkey swiss melts

How to make turkey swiss melts

Chop half an avocado into quarters.

Remove the avocado skin.

Chop the avocado into thin slices length ways.

Slice Emmental cheese square into 5 strips.

Place one piece of turkey ham on a flat surface.

Add one slice of cheese.

Add a slice of avocado.

Then add another piece of cheese.

Begin to roll the turkey over the cheese.

Continue rolling until thin wrap is made.

Once completed repeat.

Make as many Turkey Swiss Melts as required.

Put a griddle / frying pan on the hob.

Spray with 1 cal spray.

Place uncooked Turkey Swiss Melts into pan.

Once pan is full, give 1-2 mins until melts are brown on the underside.

Flip melts over in the pan.

Give melts another 1 min to brown further.

Remove melts from pan and allow to cool on wire tray before storing. Done!

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