How to foam roll your knee pain away

How to foam roll your knee pain away

Foam rolling is imperative to eliminating and preventing knee pain. From the Achilles up to the low back your body gets out of line which is what causes knee pain. Rolling realigns the body.

Roll to base of glutes, then over them to low back.

Sit on the roller. Hands on the floor behind you to guide the roll. Feet planted. Roll from The base of your glutes to lower back rolling to release the glutes. Using your hands to guide movement.

Ending here, at low back. Repeat back and forth for about 2 mins.

Let one knee fall relaxed outward. This opens up the hip joints so you can roll the hip muscles and piriformis. (sciatica) . repeat on both legs. About 2 mins each side minimum.

The IT BAND inserts at the outer hip/GLUTE, runs down the outer leg, attaching at the outer knee. Tight IT BANDS are tension filled knots, causing strain, pain in the knee. Release knots release pain.

IT BAND.after your outer hips are rolled go right into the IT BAND roll. Rolling from outer hip, down the outside of the leg to outside the knee. It is painful, that's normal in releasing knots.

Start position in IT BAND roll. Outer hip (TFL muscles).

Modification for weak or wrist pain. Simple: go on to your elbows for support.

End position for IT BAND roll. outer part of knee.

Showing how close you should get to the knee in the IT BAND roll. Never roll over a joint.

Inner thigh. Super sensitive. Unattended IT BAND tension travels around the knee cap up the inner. Causing inner knee pain. Roll from groin down to inner knee.

Groin roll. Again, pain is normal here as its knots and tension. Bruising is common on legs post rolling.

Inner knee stop point for inner thigh roll.

After inner thigh, roll directly over the quad lower inner/top corner, a few inches above the knee toward inner thigh.It's in the corner (so to speak) of the base of 2 of the quads. A deep knot here

Calves. Roll from Achilles up to base of back of your knee. Calves are a huge culprit to knee pain. They go unattended and your legs and foot placement cannot function. IT BAND pain follows from this

Start position of calf roll. Roll over your Achilles for a bit.

Up to right below the back of the knee. Not rolling over the joints

Roll over outward and roll your solius (Long calf muscle) its sensitive but don't be shy. Roll it to release calf knots to stop and prevent shin splints and knee pain.

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Roll alongside your shin. Shin splints have nothing on tibia pain. Which travels to your knee causing IT Band to tighten, hip joint dysfunction and therefore, knee pain.

Roll from base of knee to right above ankle

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