How to make chiles en vinagre / pickled jalapeños

How to make chiles en vinagre / pickled jalapeños

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Gather ingredients. Cut carrots in to small circles and onion in to half circles. Optional: add Nopales (cactus) / pigs feet to the mix as well. Just make sure the feet are well cooked first.

Pour oil to coat bottom of pan, add carrots and jalapeños to pan. Cook until jalapeños start to get dark green.

Add onion and the rest of the ingredients to pan

Occasionally, move around so nothing will burn or stick.

Once vinegar comes to a boil and all ingredients are soft, cover with a lid for about 15 mins. You would add the pigs feet now and allow to sit covered for 2-3 hours.

Transfer into an airtight glass container for storage.

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